Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Week that Was

I have slowed down in my critiques of the Petulant Pantload that some decided to select as the President on ALL of us back in November because I have absolutely nothing to gain from venting except to prove to everyone (left reading) that I am as small-minded a pissant as he is. 

The Trumpster Fire at 1600 Pennsylvania had a week like we haven't seen at the White House, since, well, the week before suggests my evil twin Skippy who knows an asshat when he sees one. And he sees one every day in the mirror. And quite frankly if asshats could fly, the White House would need its own air traffic control tower right about now. 

I know the Cheeto in Chief doesn't read this, actually doesn't seem to read anything at all, but someone get the word to Fox and Friends to tell him he's already on borrowed time and to quit dicking around and be the President those who voted for him need him to be. 

This is all the country we have, POTUS45, and you're screwing it up for everyone. Pick an issue: national health, equal rights, energy, climate change and the environment. You and the GOP can, and would, phuq up a one-car funeral procession in the desert.    

Unlike you, Bone Spurs, I served in the uniform of my armed forces in defense of our country and you're abusing my hospitality and sacrifice, Point of fact: here in the USA, we didn't have #fakenews until we had a #FakePresident. Stop being a Douche, Donny, and try to be the man your father was obviously disappointed you failed to become.
-bill kenny    


Lee Hilliard said...

Standing, cheering, waving a Flag! You go, TOBbie!

William Kenny said...

you don't suppose that small hint of poutine gravy on the corner of my big mouth undercut the effect at all do you?