Monday, April 4, 2016

Alles auf Einmal

I guess I'm not as flexible as I tell myself I am. That means I think, I'm not nearly as good a liar, even to myself, as I pride myself on being. I think I compensate for it by being delusional.

When we had seventy-degree temperatures in the middle of March, I took it in stride, perhaps even exulting a little bit (remember what I said about lying?) as to how much I liked it.

So now we just finished having snow over the first weekend in April-not a LOT of snow, I'll be the first to concede, but jeepers Wally!, snow is snow and in April should be "no." I kept trying to imagine how much of it was falling on LeRoy's penguin on his back porch but I figured if there had been a serious amount, they would have interrupted the Mets' game to tell us.

As it is, driving through downtown Norwich yesterday afternoon about a quarter after two.

Maybe a minute after I put the car back on the road, as suddenly as it started, the snow stopped and the sun came out. I enjoy living here because we have all four seasons. I just wish they didn't all happen at the same time.

Can't wait for summer so I can complain about the heat and humidity.
And don't think I won't.
-bill kenny


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