Thursday, April 14, 2016

Choice of Cancer or Polio

Tonight at nine on CNN, the two people still seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party, Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will meet for a conversation that I fervently hope will be more civil and substantive than many of their exchanges over the last week to ten days have been. 

It follows three nights, back to back, of inspired or insipid (depends on your perspective) television also on CNN, their version of Meet the Fockers (I guess) with the Republican presidential candidates, Manny, Moe and Joe, each showing up with their families for a chit-chat. For a nation that's forever breathless keeping up with the Kardashians, it's comforting to worry about a Republican cloth coat and a dog named Checkers. 

At times, especially with the Senator from one of the Canadian provinces, it was like sightseeing in Hitler's Bunker during the Last Days while on speed. Not that The Kasich's didn't remind me a bit of The Appletons from the golden era of National Lampoon. And Donald and the Trumpsters, better than any mutant variant of Real Housewives you could ever imagine, except maybe Helmond Province. I was on the edge of my seat throughout. 

My moment of zen was, no surprise of course, with them, sort of like singing along with the Von Trapp Family in the Sound of Music, except I am running from not with them as a daughter is explaining how it's really dumb old New York State's fault she and her brother aren't registered to vote for Daddy Dearest. Dad had earlier whined at how all those really mean Republicans (no jokes about redundancy, okay?) are cheating him out of delegates in states he didn't win. 

Listening to her, it was comforting to realize the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.And yeah, I could truly feel her pain...except this is a family whose business seems to consist entirely of putting their names on things, from buildings through wineries to scarves. And yet neither she nor her brother could be bothered to put their names on a voter registration postcard and have one of the servants mail it? My heart bled peanut butter and jelly for them.

Actually, my heart beats on the left side of my body (was just in the shop, and the mechanics confirmed that, among other things) and my politics tends to reflect my heartbeat. And yet all I can do right now is yawn over the menu, the entrees and the poor table service so far here in the Miracle of Democracy Cafe.

This is the best one of the major parties in American Politics can do? Cruz, Kasich, and Trump? Sounds more like a grunge band in search of a record deal. The bad thing as far as I am concerned about the three hats remaining in the ring is one of them could win. And while I FeeltheBern, I also sense the fix is in on the other side of the aisle which will help make the road to November even longer, if that is even possible.
-bill kenny

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