Friday, April 1, 2016

Word to Your (Grand) Mother

This is from quite some time ago. If you remember it, you did better than I, not that there’s much to boast about in that sentence.  And it is just about perfect for today, April Fool’s Day. For some odd reason, I’m thinking of Roy Wood.

I suspect "" has received a not inconsiderable amount of email and not all of it is because of his straightforward, fact-driven website for his two elderly care/assisted living homes in Barberton, Ohio.

Proving people still read newspapers (and if you are one of them, thank a Literacy Volunteer), cast a gander at  this 
news nugget that at one point was so pervasive, you could find it just about anywhere at any time.  I fear it says a lot about our attention spans about how quickly what we view as ‘news’ changes. Just ask "I Love Women and They Love Me" Forrest Trump. See? 

I guess in keeping with the attitude that says "sixty is the new forty" we have a bumper crop of elderly juvenile delinquents proving you're never too old to have a happy childhood.

At an age where many of us have trouble removing the staples from a stack of papers, or raisins from our rice pudding, we have the next generation of centerfolds wearing winning smiles and very little else. Talk about the bare truth.

Somewhere, as I type this, 
Harry Nilsson is smiling, though I suspect his tie is undone.
-bill kenny

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