Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Radio Star Almost Had Company

I’m getting to an age where I worry about the world I’m leaving to those who follow (and about how closely those with out of state plates tend to follow, especially on the interstate). Unfortunately for all of us, I’m also worried a lot about the quality of character of those who stand to inherit this Big Blue Marble.

When I shake my head and say “kids, these days!” these are the kids I’m talking about. First-graders, no less, and charter school students as well. I would have to imagine their parents are so proud. 

I guess this will all look good on those curriculum vitae they submit to Stanford and Harvard when the time comes. Actually, considering their field of endeavor and inquiry, maybe an application to Cal-Poly is a better fit.

Fossil that I am, as much as I enjoy the notion of no punitive punishment for the wrongdoers (probably would hurt their self-esteem) I am especially in love with the note the school sent home to the entire class’ parents/caregivers suggesting they “connect with your child.”  Paul Newman somewhere is smiling at how ‘what we have here is a failure to communicate’ has been transformed into a get out of jail free card, literally and figuratively.

“The straight talk…and the big picture.” That’s the ticket! Leave nothing to their little imaginations though it seems to me those were operating overtime in the first place. Probably reworking the cafeteria menu to make sure there are no more peanut butter and silica gel sammich surprises for lunch. 
And all this time I was worried about the mystery meat.
-bill kenny

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