Friday, April 15, 2016

Look at that Beautiful Plumage

It really is a continuation of Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks, but it involves animals or more specifically, a reticulated python, the world’s longest (very nearly) python. Perhaps, like me, you had wondered ‘what the heck is a reticulated python?’ Here, now you know; you’re welcome. 

As for the very nearly part of world’s longest reticulated python. More news bulletins, I’m afraid and none of them good, especially if you are a reticulated python, recently deceased.  

While death by misadventure has a certain ring to it, I love the inventiveness of a Malaysian government  spokesperson, Shazree Mustapha, who told the Guardian newspaper (in the UK) the massive snake could have “died on her own.” 

Yeah, I know. My left eyebrow is arching, too. But, what the hell; in for a penny, in for a pound. That's what the kids say. 

"Maybe she committed suicide,” Mustapha said. “Maybe she felt threatened so she killed herself.” What can I say? Game, set and match to Shazree. No more calls, please! We have a winner! 

Pining for the fjords, or the Malaysian equivalent. Perhaps after a prolonged squawk?
-bill kenny

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