Sunday, June 25, 2017

33.8121° N, 117.9190° W

I've heard the expression for my whole life and always figured its physical or metaphysical location varied from person to person. In moments of stress, anger or frustration we've all had someone who might encourage us to rise above by telling us to "go to your happy place."

Jeff Reitz has a particular destination in mind and has hit it every day for over five years. I am in awe of your single-mindedness of purpose, sir, and your unswerving dedication. 

Between you and me, I'd have been interested in some interview quotes from either Tonya or Karen if, for nothing else the reason why you've saved all the parking tickets from Mickey & Friends. His current park pass doesn't expire until January 2018 and I, for one, hope it does long before him.
-bill kenny

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