Monday, June 5, 2017

Sometimes a Dot Is a Dash

Those maps of stores in the malls that every mall seems to always have a red pin stuck on the map with a note that reads, 'you are here.' I often wonder why the floor upon which the map display is constructed doesn't have red or orange tiles right there so when I look down, after reading that line on the mall map, I'm reassured. 

Like those who have fallen in love with the camera part of my cell phone, I struggle against a compulsion to photo-document every moment of my life on social media. I don't always succeed so here's a shot of me at the mall, looking at the directory. And here's a picture of me showing you a picture of me looking at the mall directory and OH! Look! Here's one of you and me looking at a picture of us looking at a picture. As a mythical Walter explained to an all too real Ray, people take pictures of each other just to prove that they really existed.

And when our time for coming and going has come and gone, pardon my impertinence but who will know we were here? Will there be a little dot on the front sidewalk at your house? When you look at how long we, as a species, have trodden this planet, what names of all those who've gone before us, do we know? My family and yours and his, over there, all helped build this country and are part of the history of the USA that has gotten us from 1776 until right here but where are the names?

We've preserved Mount Vernon and Monticello. No one has contacted me about efforts to save 33 Bloomfield Avenue in Franklin Township, NJ where three of my brothers and sisters were born and where my mother and father worked as hard as they could to make a life for us. 

There's no marker at the corner of Easton Avenue that says 'this where Evan Dolores Kenny (-2 for spelling earlier in the day) waited for the school bus to take her to Saint Peter School in New Brunswick, every school day for eight years' (Evan NEVER missed a day of school as a kid. How's that for dedication?).

And the same is true for you and yours. And yet here we are, so many people in the same device. Famous faces and famous places mixed in equal parts with ordinary lives doing extraordinary things. You, I, he and she--we are all together and we are here. 
-bill kenny

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