Thursday, June 1, 2017

Came Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood

The first time through reading the story, I assumed Donnie Bigly had taken a part time job writing for the IKEA furniture catalog. Okay, so covfefe didn't have enough umlauts; hell, technically it didn't have any umlauts but I figure if it worked for Def Leppard, he might be able to pull it off. (Globens will be the death of me yet).

And yeah, the twitter tittering much like Frederick Douglass and Bowling Green helped underscore the diversion and the distraction but let's be clear. The resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a complete phony and a fraud. Oh; and utterly incompetent to be the most powerful person on the planet, in the history of the planet.

Healthcare, Climate Change, Immigration Reform, Tax Code Revision, Abandonment of Traditional Allies, Women's Rights, Embrace of Tyrants and War Criminals. We're four months and a dozen or so days into this dark ride and the list of screw-ups, broken promises, and campaign pledges he wants you to forget just goes on forever.

There's almost no words. almost.
Except I can't wait for the day you don't come around here no more.
-bill kenny


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