Saturday, June 17, 2017

Good-Bye Is Too Final

I have accepted, with reluctance, that despite the awesomeness of all things Google, I will never, ever know everything on earth or the Internet (which are just about the same thing for all intents and purposes) and that wouldn't bother me as much if there weren't moments when instead of knowing everything I despair about knowing anything.

I'm thinking about Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy, III, and the amount of damage beyond the obvious and immediate destruction of I-have-no-idea how many people's lives from careless, callous and contemptuous conduct that defies description and calculation.

If you've done a couple of orbits around the sun, you've lost people. It's part of the process and a condition for our passage on this planet as I've often consoled others and have recently told that same story to myself, but despite the telling of the tale, it is still true, and always painful even when expected.

This time around, unless there's still-undisclosed damage in her life that explains, but certainly cannot ever excuse, Michelle Carter's actions and inactions (beyond what's been in and on every media platform about this case), I hope she rots in jail until she dies and then goes directly to Hell. Senorita, see you later.
-bill kenny

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