Thursday, June 8, 2017

Don't Pay No Attention to What the Experts Say

So everywhere today will be "must-see TV" as James Comey, former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation testifies before the Senate Intelligence (pause for effect) Committee into Russia's interference (or lack of same) in the 2016 Presidential election. Kiss your infomercials, daytime dramas, and third-rate hosted talk shows bye-bye because everyone with a transmitter wants in on this, bigly. 

Speaking of bigly, Tiny Hans (you didn't know Trump was Dutch, didja? Why do you think he's orange?) may be tweeting his own commentary live to counter the testimony of the "nut job" (as Trump described Comey to a pair of visiting Russians). All I can say to that idea is YES! PLEASE! We'll know more (or less) starting at ten EDT when Mr. Comey is supposed to raise his right hand even as Tiny Hands is warming up his fingers.

I've had a Twitter account for years and if I used it more than once a day, it was because of a war breaking out or something like that. Donny brought Twitter back. They really should give him a (miniature) golden keyboard or something. And if you don't think everyone on earth, plus all those fake voters for Hillary, won't be on their accounts throughout today's hearings, we'll be building a wall around you soon enough (Wer soll das bezahlen? Wer hat bestellt?).

Of course, as an unreconstructed Bernie Brother, my attitude is all we had to do in November was to elect Senator Sanders and we'd not be here right now. But I have no way of proving that (probably because it may not be true, like 'truth' is a real thing anymore, right?) so if you argue with me I'll yell 'fake news' until the emergency response guys hose me off the tarmac.

My larger point, the one under my hat, has nothing to do with Senator Sanders, President Trump, Clinton (Hil or Bill) or even the Russians. It has to do with the seething, inchoate rage so many of us feel towards the government we were taught in school was established to help us. Too many of us think that's a crock and want to smash, grab, and break whatever anyone else holds near and dear so they, too, can feel what total loss of control is actually all about.

Meanwhile our roads, bridges, healthcare, equal and civil rights, children's lives and all of our dreams sink ever deeper into a dystopian morass of chaos and carelessness as we continue to search for the guilty who got us to where we are now, live on every device and across every dial right here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. If only we still really believed that
-bill kenny

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