Sunday, June 11, 2017

Despite Popular Demand

If like me you' were surprised the NBA Finals are still going on, and I am mainly because I forgot what year the most recent season started in but it was a long time ago, there's almost more good news if you can wait for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games (and who among us can't do that?).

Can you say three-on-three Olympic basketball? Can you say it with enthusiasm? Can you at least try to say it with enthusiasm? Well, in the words of the tallest person to ever be the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, "Lordy!

I don't know what happened to the proposal to make Jungle Rules Spelling Bees an exhibition sport, but it didn't seem to make the cut so I fear the bright future I once saw for Touch Football is growing dimmer by the decade. 

Quite frankly, three-on-three basketball is a gateway drug I think for Olympic H-O-R-S-E or う-ま as they might say in downtown Tokyo. Actually if we spelled it in Japanese we'd be through the open rounds and directly to the medal finals in about forty-five minutes. 

Suddenly things are looking up at NBC who has the USA rights to televise the games, so I'm not gonna mention that idea I had for three-legged teams for three-on-three basketball. Probably too much of a good thing.
-bill kenny

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