Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tales from the Naked City

It takes a village to raise a child, but no matter how large or small that village is, it takes only one person to raise a lot of hell.

I have an item that can only be found in a "community paper." In this case, one of those micro-news sites that sprang up when conventional newspapers struggled with their on-line content issues and making money from it even as sales of actual newspapers plummeted.

The profit margins for the micro-sites are a lot finer than, say those for the NY Times (but their scale of operation is a lot less grand than that of The Gray Lady, but the NY Times wouldn't touch a story like this with a ten-foot barge pole. I hope.

Timing in this instance as in so much else in life is critically important, especially when it's absent  As this incident reportedly happened a week before Father's Day but only saw the light of day earlier this week, I can't help but think somewhere, perhaps in a Derby suburb, is a dark never-to-be-revealed story about a tag-team Mother's Day ruckus that, too, went off the rails.

So many tales to tell, and so few tongues wagging to tell them.
-bill kenny

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