Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Prism that Proved to Be a Mirror

You remember this guy, right? For a while there wasn't a channel you could turn on and not have him leap out at you during the commercial break. He looks nothing like Banquo's ghost but he is. I sure hope he has some residual compensation coming his way since in the last 48 (or so) hours he's become the first guy I look for and the last one I want to see. Ever.

I'm not being childish, I wish I were one again but too late. As an adult I get that, as a nation, we have enemies and, within that ideological subset a not inconsequential number of hate-filled asshats who wish us dead, as Americans whether they know us or not. Drilling down into that Inferno Antechamber, we have more than enough malevolent miscreants who don't merely wish us dead but who are working strenuously and without surcease to make it so.

I have grasped the concept that the world is often unfriendly and am fully at ease with the premise so feel free to speak in full sentences, people in leadership positions within my government, about what you are doing, and will do, to thwart those efforts.

No shorthand, no euphemisms, no cryptic code--don't tell me 'wet work' when you mean assassination or 'terminate with extreme prejudice' when you're describing killing people. And because we're very much in danger at this moment of this part getting away, never forget my need to know always trumps your need to tell me so make sure I do know even when I say/act like I don't want to.

Dwight David Eisenhower named The Beast we all grew to know as the military industrial complex, which dominates and drives us to this day, and reminded us, all of us to include The President, whoever he is on any given day that "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed...."

I didn't vote for a Verizon Guy Stunt Double, Mr. President. 

I voted for someone to lead the change in my lifetime that I have spent my life awaiting. When people around the world look at We the People of the United States, what do they see? Are we standing in the unfiltered light of day through a window of truth or has the light been fractured into grotesque and misshapen pieces and shards as seen through a PRISM?

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