Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An Awkward Instant of Ether

This escaped my notice until yesterday was over so a belated note of sincere and ranch dressing covered congratulations (?) on all those who celebrated, I suppose, National Eat Your Vegetables Day

If you'd like to make a joke at the expense of Marcus Bachmann who is married to a Congresswoman who disagrees with how my wife and I spelled our daughter's name, among other partings of the way, I suppose I can't stop you. I could help you if you signaled even the slightest bit of interest since I'm as fond of either of them as I am of both of them which is the same amount as I like Brussel Sprouts sherbet.

You clicked didn't you and now you feel a little cheated that the recipe was something else. Spare me, buddy, or budette, none of us ever wanna think about a dessert like that. 

Tomorrow is a considerably more important and no, there's no need for Todd Palin to sit up straight  because no one is calling on him or his nearly delightful better half, Sarah "Mama Grizzly" Plain and Tall, to do anything. As if they could. Sorry, must be the sherbet talking. 

Tomorrow my brother Adam and his wife, Margaret, celebrate their anniversary and I hope I can see the floats from the celebratory parade here in Norwich and if I have to move to Alaska, well then I will because there's so much else to see. 

Kidding aside, assuming you thought I was, I hope they will have as wonderful day as I believe they have had since they first met and married. I was going to organize a small get together, just snacks really but guess who can't handle the chips and dip?
-bill kenny  

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