Sunday, June 23, 2013

In through the Out Door

We were busier than bees around here on Friday as just about all the schools not just in Norwich but across the region, from high schools and vocational schools through elementary and middle schools had their last day of the school year.

Driving on New London Turnpike, from the Norwichtown Commons towards Route 82, I passed the analog message board at John Stanton School.  I'm sure its message was duplicated across the state and the country.

At least that side was. However, and I first saw it in my mirror and then had to turn around to convince my brain were eyes were not goofing on it, this is the message that greets Stanton kids as they head to the Commons to stock up on snacks on their way to the beach.

Talk about harshing the little ones' buzz. Hot Fun is fleeting and the game's afoot..
-bill kenny

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