Saturday, June 15, 2013

Even Mae West Was Impressed

...and it has to be hard to be good said the bad one. Sorry for the vulgar innuendo, unless that, too, is perceived as part of the assault on your sensibilities. In which case, I regret nothing. 

When I wore a younger man's clothes I spent a lot of time working and living dts, Down the (Jersey) Shore in places like Manalapan, (Ocean) Grove Beach and Point Pleasant. I just remembered about Genevieve from a long time ago and her dad's house on a mostly sandy road and her admonition to me to 'never get out of the car, don't ring the bell or come near the door. He doesn't like you.'

It's funny now, forty years on. It was perplexing then as I'm more than reasonably sure we never met, and time moving inexorably the way it does, we probably never shall. Mr. Ferdna (I think that was his name;  I just realised I never even knew that), I wasn't nearly as big a goober as you may have thought I was. Unless you didn't think that in which case, never mind.

Anyway, thought about all of that as I was on the Asbury Park Press web site the other day to follow the Linda Chorney Magical Mystery Tour (East Coast Installment). She's originally from Sudbury, Massachusetts, then moved a long time ago to Sea Bright, New Jersey, and, together with Scott F., lived DTS until some time last year when after she'd gone to Nepal (I never get into bar bets that might cause me to lose more than I can afford; just sayin'), she moved to Tucson, Arizona.

She's recorded some disarmingly original and remarkable music and got thisclose, to a Grammy last year and has the scars but also some great stories to tell about it, she's assembled in a book available all over the place and a terrific read.

After enjoying her performance on the website, came across this headline and knew I was receiving a gift especially after reading and then re-reading the copy, which I think is absolutely brilliant and strikes just the right balance between sincere and heartfelt concern over a genuine medical emergency and the softly ludicrous strains of Eddie, Are You Kidding First World Problem anthem and theme song playing in the background. Blue pills or volleyballs at ten paces. Turn and fire.
-bill kenny

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