Thursday, June 27, 2013

God, Dice and the Universe as We Know It

With my apologies to Paul Simon's lyrics which I shamelessly appropriate on a regular nd recurring basis, like this one, 'these are the days of miracles and wonder.' Leaving me to wonder if the part of 'this is the long distance call' will be played by Johnny Depp or Liam Neeson (and yes, I used those two because I think who they are; caring is another and very different, matter).

Twelve hours or so before this happened in our nation's Capitol (actually down the street from the Capitol Dome, at the Supreme Court or SCOTUS if you're a hipster), not including crossing time zones in the US or adding the sales tax in either The District or in Austin to the purchase price of the watch we're using to time the temporal span, this happened.

The legal decision making of the former and the parliamentary pusillanimous pussy footing of the latter (Spiro, you were a national treasure and thankfully we've buried you too deep to find) almost  obscures a convergence of the absurd and the obvious that should be larger than Texas itself and yet remains somehow hidden from our 24/7 news outlets as noise gets proffered as news.

When we speak/write/think 'equal rights' doesn't it mean everyone already has them in the natural course of events not as a result of a judicial court or legislative action bestowing/withholding them. Despite the despair of my adulthood, funny how the loss of my religious faith seemed to occur as the 'real world' was mugging my idealistic butt, I remain resolute in the belief that if there were to be a God who created us in Her/His image and likeness, S/He would love all of us, not just some of us. And it would be all the time not on a whim or with a whisper or whimper. 

I remain confounded as to how one political party can labor unceasingly to make sure the New World Order's Governmental Black Helicopters cannot ever take away our guns but then simultaneously attempt to leverage the same gun-grabbing government to manage a woman's womb. Weawy. (Couldn't wesist, you wascally wabbit.)

I fear we're so far gone we've lost sight of what it is, or sadly and more accurately phrased what it was that allows us to sit at keyboards and type words such as these, or recoil in consternation (as you likely are) at a monitor while trying to read them and never mind figure out if you agree or not, liberty both as an intellectual exercise and a practical application. We have the same appreciation of the heritage that produced our liberty as a cat does of history. 

No one has forced us to be the people we are becoming. The ennui and the entropy that has contributed to our short-sighted dyspeptic worldview is our own creation. We have allowed our fears to outpace our faith and are not merely abandoning the gifts we received as birthrights as Americans but are actively casting them away as quickly as we can. 

All we can remember of the American Dream is that it has something to do with sleeping, but so, too, do nightmares. Like the one into which we are descending
-bill kenny 

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