Saturday, June 22, 2013

Building Tomorrow Today

This is the first weekend of summer and I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy it as much (but no more) than I hope to. It's not wrong to kick back from life on the ant farm and coast for a bit as long as you're recouping while you're regrouping because there's enough slack spokes in need of some pedaling.

I found something yesterday, you probably already know about, One Today by Google, that will not change your life but may very well change someone else's and that would be a win/win instead of the usual whine/whine we get so often round these parts.

With the Summer Solstice behind us and the Perigee Full Moon before us, maybe we can practice a small dose of what I call 'realistic resolve.' I'd love to save the world but realize I can't and won't but perhaps I can actually save a piece big enough for a loved one to stand on. And then they, too, can save a piece of the world and then the next and the next and pretty soon before you know it we have saved the world. Bippity-bobbity boo.

And while you're helping do that, kemo sabe (was just at Mohegan Sun, sorry), consider a second helping of helping by enjoying this and spreading some cash in the direction of Linda Chorney and her effort to help support Boston Strong.

Good works, it really does. And I'm nearly the living proof as some time back I had email asking for help in financing new music from the Poet Laureate of the Lower East Side, Willie Nile. His new new album, American Ride, arrived in the post yesterday and it's stunning, must-hear and best of all, I helped. It feels better than good, it feels great.
-bill kenny

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