Monday, June 17, 2013

Infinite Space

Every time we try to put the past in the past, some hobgoblin of an awful memory comes slipping out between the pages of what we'd hoped was long-forgotten, standing in the center of our attention and demanding we do something. 

So was it last week for Michael Karkoc, almost a century old, who'd hoped to live out his days in Minnesota far from where he lived during his youth. It would appear, based on the allegations of this news story, he wanted an old age he denied thousands of others of ever having.

The assumption and presumption of innocence being what it is, I should withhold judgment until history has rendered its but every time I encounter a Holocaust denier, a 'if these people were any more different than us' asshat, I'll think of Korkac and remember the stories the nuns used to tell us of the special Hell for the special sinners prepared before time itself. 

"People are stirred, moved by the word. 
Kneel at the shrine, deceived by the wine.
How was the earth conceived? Infinite space. 
Is there such a place? 
You must believe in the human race.

Can you believe, God makes you breathe. 
Why did He lose six million Jews?

Touched by the wings fears angel brings. 
Sad winter storm, grey autumn dawn.
Who looks on life itself, who lights your way? 
Only you can say. 
How can you just obey?

Don't need the word, now that you've heard. 
Don't be afraid: man is man made.
And when the hour comes, don't turn away. 
Face the light of day, and do it your way.
It's the only way."
-bill kenny

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