Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flying a Kite from Gitmo

Where I come from, and you can find that out and way more than you ever dreamed possible by visiting local law enforcement authorities and saying the magic word "terrorist" this graphic six months ago was hilarious and nothing more.

Yeah, that got really stupid spooky really fast. I ranted on the NSA spying on all of us story the other day and wouldn't be surprised if the cats and kittens running all of it aren't passing out wallet sized snapshots even as I type. Get the package that includes the two eight by elevens, it's a better deal.

But the longer this whole story simmers, the more horrific it becomes. And if you are NOT enraged  about the lack of candor (who am I kidding, 'lack of candor?' Total absence of honesty) in this mess then you have NO idea what is really going on. The same president whose campaign staff went ballistic in 2008 when it was revealed his cell phone was being shadowed, has repeatedly suggested this whole Prism thing ain't nothing but a thang.

Maybe you playing Bill Cosby to George W being Robert Culp in "I Spy" is, indeed, just another day at the beach but even if that is the case, Sir, what was the reason no one mentioned it in public.......? Didn't make the old 'to do' list?

Ed Snowden's action will in all likelihood result in him receiving a prison sentence that will be longer and more unyielding than the set of values and personal principles to exercise them that he possessed in choosing to disclose "state secrets." I'm not sure he would feel better knowing he has an attitudinal predecessor, Benjamin Franklin but I do.

I keep seeing humorless, faceless and shapeless figures fitting Poor Richard with an orange jumpsuit for a tour of Rendition Hotspots around the CIA and then a fun-filled, though not for him, vacation to the Gitmo Hilton. Somehow I can imagine these two guys learning Spanish and then Pashtun even though Jesus is American, at least to hear a lot of us around here talk about Him.
-bill kenny  

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