Sunday, September 8, 2013

And there's Still All Day Sunday

This has been a brilliant weekend, nearly incandescent in terms of delight and bedazzlement. Spent some time traveling as The Connecticut Kennys to Central Jersey for the marriage of Suzanne, Adam and Margaret's oldest child, to Ryan in a wonderful ceremony as Friday afternoon ended and dusk approached.

We traveled back to The Nutmeg State at mid-day on Saturday with time enough to spare to catch a good part of a great time, The Taste of Italy, Norwich Style at Howard T. Brown Park at the Norwich Harbor.

And today, the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I could squeeze in a pony ride or two. Or three. Or just sleep in. Perchance to dream.....
-bill kenny


Nat said...

Oh, hey, thanks for stopping by to visit with "long time" friends in Central NJ! ;-) [no need to respond, I know how family travel is !]

dweeb said...

Actually was on river road heading away from South Bound Brook and passed the side street you were living on after Rutgers.
I thought of you and your bride at that moment, and, sadly, not again. My apologies!