Sunday, September 22, 2013

Picture This

This was/is my weekend to do nothing. The first one of the month where I didn't know before the week started what I'd be doing when it ended. And, it felt good to sleep in yesterday morning until shortly after seven o'clock.

Admittedly, I felt I was wasting the day but most of the morning the weather in our parts did its bit to help me feel less guilty about the time frittering as it was something close to nothing but different than the time before. And there wasn't a raspberry beret in sight.

I like taking pictures-I don't take good ones so I make for it by taking lots of them, but sometimes I get lucky and the picture turns out okay and I have enough photo treatment effects to approximate magic without committing anything close to art.

So that's what I did yesterday and, between you and me, I also watched Rutgers come back and beat the Arkansas Razorbacks, so life was pretty sweet.
Yeah, pretty as a picture if you must know.

-bill kenny

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