Thursday, September 19, 2013

There's Always Someone Looking at You

In light of the calamity and catastrophe in Washington D.C. this past Monday, and I will not get into a ‘there’s too many/not enough guns/gun control’ argument because this is neither the time nor the place, how in the name of everything good and holy could this ever be an appropriate or even vaguely  rational response?

Go home, Alex Jones, not because you’re drunk though it might be better if you were but because you’re hateful, hurtful and seriously stupid. If you don’t find an imbecile who insisted (and still insists) the Boston Marathon Bombing was a hoax to be intellectually offensive, wrap tin foil around your head and sit very quietly in the center of a darkened room in the bunker you’ve built in your basement.

Wait until ‘the government’ rounds you up and if it takes a while, don’t leave whatever you do and wander out into the general population. As we demonstrated again on Monday we are sold out on crazy and don’t need anyone else drilling a second hole in the boat to let the water out.  
–bill kenny

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