Monday, September 23, 2013

Exit Sandman

When J. R. Murphy struck out to end the bottom of the 9th in Yankee Stadium yesterday afternoon as NY fell to the San Francisco Giants, 2-1, I shook my head realizing when Mariano Rivera, whose final season and major league career were celebrated in marvelous fashion all season long in every ballpark the Yankees visited capped by yesterday's Mariano Rivera Day at the Stadium, his catcher, that same J. R. Murphy who caught him in the top of the 9th, wasn't even born.

Would I have found it to be perfect had Andy Petitte won his last start as a New York Yankee against a very talented, but spelling challenged Yusmeiro Petit (so close and yet...), yeah I sure would have. I sometimes forget professional sports is a business first and all the emotion, the fist pumping, the throat lumping and the heart thumping are secondary to the bottom line.

And the bottom line is the Yankees' post-season chances are now on life support. The places are set at the table and even if something amazing were to happen, the ultimate Hollywood Happy Ending would probably not happen but a kid can dream. and,I'll be honest I slept well last night knowing that two of my favorite professional baseball players left it all out on the field yesterday. They didn't win but they left me and others with memories that will last as long as there are fans to tell the story.

Final week of the 2013 regular season-do this now and be ready for what's next.
-bill kenny

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