Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

I had a day off yesterday in the middle of the week, a rarity for me and an unfortunate accident for many with whom I had contact. My wife and I had an errand to run at the Mohegan Sun casino, down the road (ten minutes or so by car) from our house and got that accomplished around mid-day.

As we walked from one point in the Grand Hall to another to get done what we needed to get done I was cut off, pipped at the post so to speak, by a relatively young man in a white dress short with dark blue jeans pulled up to around his armpits.

I hadn't heard radio or TV reports of flooding and was somewhat shocked to see how how high the water gets when the levee breaks. He was also wearing a brown engineer's hat, indoors (yeah I'm that old that such oafishness annoys me) and a white tee-shirt with dark black lettering worn under the white shirt.

The tee shirt said something about ninja, though obviously not a very good one or I wouldn't have been able to see it under his dress shirt. To characterize him as 'a thrown together look' would be to malign thrown together looks entirely. Dumpster projectile vomiting is closer to what he resembled as opposed to a denizen of one of the most successful and poshly appointed casinos in the world.

All I could think of was a (shanty) Irish expression I heard from my childhood, I'm thinking was never used about any of us growing up but which on some days might have been true, "first one up is best one dressed."
-bill kenny

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