Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm Thinkin' of the Days

As sorely as I am tempted to rant about the governmental kamikaze pilots in a particular part of the House Republican Party, and their determination to bring this country to its knees, I'll save that for another time because those muttonheads aren't going anywhere. And if you doubt me, give Newt Gingrich a call and ask him how the last Potomac Pissing Contest worked out for him and his posse.

No, today, but not for long because your devotion to the New York Yankees may not be as heartfelt as mine and I would hate to call you stupid even though if you don't root for them I think you are, I'll mourn the closing of an age as two of the Four Amigos, and three remaining ones, call it a career while the Yankees close out their 2013 final home stand against the defending World Champions, but not going anywhere this year, San Francisco Giants.

Far more importantly, Mo and Andy ready themselves to ride off into the sunset.
Mariano Rivera, Mo, we knew about from the moment it was clear he would return from last season's injury. He'd take a victory lap around Major League Baseball and then, ever the gentleman, would take his leave of us.

Andy Petitte, he of the brooding deep set eyes, peering balefully over his glove with the mitt shielding most of his face, many figured would call it a career at the end of this season. And physically, the man of summer was not treated kindly as he spent time he, and we, would have preferred on the mound, instead in rehab and on the DL.

In fairness, Petitte had plenty of company as this year's Yankees should have been sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of The Bronx. It's much easier to list the starters who didn't spend time in rehab than vice versa. And the 2013 season is ending more with a whimper than a bang as the only chance the Yankees have to be a wild card playoff team is more mathematical than even whimsical. That's always a part of baseball and why spring is always the season of hope.

Too bad for those who hope as it would have been terrific for the most successful pitcher in Major League playoff history, Petitte, to have had one more ride on the carousel and, aided and abetted by Mo, forming the most successful starter and reliever pair in the game, and to have gone out in a blaze of glory that would have eclipsed all the lights on Broadway.

But, man proposes and God disposes and though they often think and behave otherwise, the Steinbrenner Family are men after all and like the rest of us, especially I fear on Sunday afternoon in what will in all likelihood be his last home start as a Yankee, ever, Joe Girardi having caught and now managed Petitte, will give him the game ball for one last time.

And am I being nostalgic or greedy, or both, if with the game hanging in the balance in the late innings, the call goes out for Mo to shut the door one more time and bring it home.

Spring training 2014 is less than 160 days away and all I can hope is youngsters somewhere if not over the rainbow then down on the farm on teams toiling away in the late summer sun after a seven hour bus ride to East Squeegum in the International Tractor Pull League realize they have some big cleats to fill and a tradition of quiet and exceptional excellence to make their own.
-bill kenny


Bob Farwell said...

Thanks Bill,

I've never been a Yankees fan,(Red Sox Nation is my home) but these were two very classy gents and deserve a tip of the cap from all true fans!

Bob Farwell said...

Even those of us who never root for the Yankees appreciate these two gentlemen!

William Kenny said...

And for my part, while I'll never be a member of RSN, the send off Fenway gave Mo last weekend was incomparably marvelous and a demonstration of the inherent type of class that is (sadly) disappearing not just from American sports but our way of life.