Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ritalin Rulz

I love social interactions where we'd have to work hard to overlook or excuse a child's childish behavior but, luckily, we never even get to that part of the transaction because their designated grown-up was boorish beyond belief.

When you have difficulties spotting the parent in that kind of combo pack, I always silently thank my two long gone Grandmas for raising their children to have manners. It gave me somebody to learn mine from.

Take Simone Baker and her six year old son, name redacted by the AP (sure hope when he's older and falls in love, the object of his affections keeps her name or this will be terribly awkward). She obviously never met my grandparents, any of them, nor my parents. Her loss.

Her son, it will appear after you reach the end of the article, invented an explanation that Tiger Mom, in rushing to aid her cub, believed wholeheartedly. Or.....she just really wanted to beat some kindergarten teacher's butt and this pretext was heaven-sent.

I especially liked the champion understatement that the equally-unidentified-in-this-story teacher 'wasn't up to talking.' Or filing, I imagine, or combing her own hair. Or eating food which required chewing. I will not be surprised if she displays little appetite for ever returning to a classroom stocked with miniature people. Awkward.

As for Simone, well, she's still out and about apparently. It was, after all, the weekend and I'm wondering what she did with herself with the schools closed and all. I'm sure the Kansas City, Missouri, police have John Langley and a film crew in tow to restart that TV franchise and have it hosted by a former politician before he was a former actor before he was a former body-builder.

When it comes to turning his back, he'll show that Kansas City Kitty how it's done. -bill kenny

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