Monday, January 20, 2014

A Dream of Sweet Illusion

Today we honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday was last Wednesday. The impact of his words and deeds and his life itself is still being measured by a legion of sociologists, political figures and by men and women such as us, everywhere.

I tend to believe he was so intent and intense in living that he might be amused by those trying to calculate his import. Analyzing the doing is always so much less risky than the doing itself.

As a Child of the Sixties who lived through so much of the tumultuous times that shaped his positions and which he, in turn, shaped, I find it reinvigorating to be able to use the official holiday to reflect on who I was and who I have become in terms of the larger world Dr. King helped define.

Because it is a Federal holiday I can participate in, as perhaps you can where you live, local observances celebrating his work. In my case, it's at Norwich City Hall at a quarter of two this afternoon for some always uplifting words from guest speakers and a lot of singing (by unspoken mutual agreement, I only listen during this part of the program) followed by a short march to a local church for some prayerful reflection. Think of it as the other pause that refreshes.

One man, one goal, one mission. Today and everyday.
-bill kenny

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