Friday, January 31, 2014

Tea in the Sonora with You

This may shock you but today I'm going to offer my unsolicited opinion on a part of the country that is suffering a snow shortage that doesn't extend to the willful obstinance of one of its political parties that has been captured by teahadist terrorists, Arizona, and its censure of Senator John McCain his party's nominee in 2008 for the office of the President of these United States for being 'too liberal.'

If you think it's none of my business, you're completely correct; it really isn't my concern though my love of excruciating irony draws me to this type of story like a moth to a flame. The same state whose last native son to seek a 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., address, gave America a dramatically different slant on off-the-wallness, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice," Please put your hands together for Senator Barry Goldwater.

I won't burden you with a regurgitation of my less than kindly view of the Tealiban running the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt into the ground. I decided quite some time ago that unless/until the National Republican Party shows this sect the door, I will never vote for anyone running on their ticket in any election, ever again.

It made my heart sad this past November when we had local elections and good people all on the ballot for both major parties but I, as pig-headed and blinkered as the people I excoriate, passed over some who were very deserving, perhaps more so than others of my support, because of their Republican party affiliation.

As bizarre (no other word will do) as I found the treatment of Senator McCain by his own party to be, how must he feel, nearly alone, learning his former running mate on the 2008 national ticket and the person whose presence completely eviscerated his own argument about his opponent's lack of experience in foreign affairs, Sarah Palin, vociferously rushed to his defense.

How egregious must the behavior of Arizona's rank and file Republicans be that the former governor of Alaska, whose most recent original thought died of loneliness, would be on the side of the angels in the heat of the desert?

I already see a sad ending, especially since the only way to enjoy tea in all that heat is with ice, 'as their eyes searched the land, with their cups full of sand.'
-bill kenny

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