Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Warmth of the Sun

It came to me yesterday morning as I padded around our house in the middle to early morning hours. I characterize them that way because during the week I get up at slightly before three in the morning (to the despair of my assassins everywhere) and on weekends and most days off I'll sleep in until seven/eightish o'clock. Yesterday was one of those days.

And again yesterday, and not just in the morning but at last twice else during the day, I had to go back to the bathroom and remove the tank lid from the toilet and adjust the plastic/rubber doo-whacker that closes the water flow hole so the tank refills. I can cause this malfunction at any time and anywhere to include in office buildings and banquet centers.

I have now accepted, perhaps because of the yellow sun in this galaxy, that this is my superpower. Yes, I'd have preferred super strength or speed (or brains, says my wife; I must also already have super hearing, my love), but I guess somebody has to keep the small plumbing repairs department at Home Depot and Lowe's in business, so you're welcome I guess.

I'm glad it's not the kind of thing wherever I wear a stretchy uniform with initials on my chest. I'm the guy who has trouble remembering the cape goes in the back until I'm running and the wind blows it up over my head and I crash into something, usually another superhero such as Mr. I Clear My Throat Four Times A Minute Every Waking Hour. I don't want to even imagine what his chest logo looks like.

Not everyone can have a superhero power, though our world is better because of infinite acts of heroism every day from people who would never see themselves as fitting textbook definitions of the word 'hero.'

To include this guy, John James McGinty, III. Nobody's channel interrupted any programming when he passed away but I suspect he wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Celebrities make headlines-heroes make a difference.
-bill kenny

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