Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'd Skip Liverwurst-Scented After Shave

I would imagine a Rodman Family Reunion would be a pretty interesting place to be whenever and wherever the next one of those is held. If you have some folding chairs, you could probably make a few bucks selling tickets (especially if you had drink service and a cigar bar).

What's left to say about Dennis the Menace Rodman and his Special Friend, Kim Jong-un, the Not-Exactly-a-Dog-Whisperer that hasn't been pinned, tweeted or instagramed?

I'm assuming you saw this dispatch or one of the thousands like it that have been floating around everywhere, okay NOT in North Korea but everywhere else on the planet, mainly because I saw it and I see everything last. This is a story I have to remind myself I'm not reading in the National Lampoon or The Onion but (in this case) The Christian Science Monitor.

Show of hands. Was I really the only one looking at the news conference footage trying to see if Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen had made the flight and were on The Worm's Team?

Seriously, just me? I assumed at first they just hadn't been asked but now I'm thinking probably not so much. You, of course, didn't expect it to happen at all, did you, because you pay more attention than do I. I consider myself chastened.

But, between us, I have to believe if Jong-un ever sees Space Jam, Rodman will have some 'splainin' to do. He'll have to be loud to be heard over the barking.
-bill kenny

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