Sunday, January 5, 2014

Seen in the Rear View Mirror

I walk around with my eyes wide shut-or else, my eyes are open but my mind is closed or some combination of both. Luckily I have people, admittedly from some of my other lives, who watch out for things and keep from getting too much of whatever it is I've fallen into from getting all over my shoes and trousers. For that, they would have my wife's undying gratitude but that would mean I'd have to tell her of my pratfalls and heartaches. Moving right along.....

Yesterday despite my ignorance, or perhaps because of it (I wouldn't know the difference, truth to tell), it was National Trivia Day. Sara J made sure I knew because otherwise I'd have never found out and there's some really amazing stuff to know. Not the gee let's scribble that down on a bar napkin in case we want to refer to it later kind of stuff-actual history and mystery and what a pity there's no third word to rhyme that with.

Yesterday's passing of Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers, reminded me of my favorite unfamous song from the duo from nearly forty years ago when their label was struggling to resurrect them as "hip to today" without ever realizing they were already timeless.

The single was supposed to kick start their comeback with an album released later, Stories We Could Tell, that didn't have the single on it. Brilliant marketing.
I remember an A&R guy visiting the station in Philly where i worked, very hip with blue sideburns down to his elbows, who had no idea who he was talking about but undeterred by his own ignorance, chattering away. The album went plywood in Indiana and sales weren't much better anywhere else.

Speaking of trivia, as I was in a previous paragraph, the guitarist in the Everly's band was Waddy Wachtel brought on board by the band leader, Warren Zevon. Yeah, I think that's enough trivia and pursuit thereof for one day. Let's look for Waldo, maybe he knows where Johnny is.
-bill kenny

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