Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fabergé Stress Balls

I cannot remember ever writing back to back entries on the same topic, much less the same person in extremis (deserved but unpleasant anyway) and yet welcome to Alex Rodriguez, Part Deux, not that I have anything more or original to say about the man.

The last time I had an original idea it died of loneliness so the best we could both hope for this time around would be a less snarky variation of yesterday's theme. I wouldn't blame you, as a reader, if you were holding out (albeit forlornly) for temporary blindness until the next mouse click.

But the crazies over at USA Today's For The Win have an idea that should get them at least a Nobel Prize, an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and, based on what I saw the other night, a Golden Globe (two Golden Globes, actually).

Please join me, after reading this, in telling Alex Rodriguez, Duck you! And as a bonus, in addition to a unique solution to a problem NOT named Maria, they've have expanded my stockpile of sparkling (and otherwise) figures of speech, Fabergé stress balls. Exquisite.

I'm picturing Chief Inspector Clouseau even as I type Fabergé while humming the theme from The Pink Panther, luxuriating in the knowledge that should former Chief Inspector Dreyfus be injured in any way at any time in his interaction with Clouseau, an entirely different kind of duck, one without PEDS, Performance Enhancing Drugs, or PEZ, only the greatest candy known to mankind, will be there in a flash with the cash.
-bill kenny

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