Friday, January 17, 2014

The Coconuts He Had

I'm a relentless hunter with the television remote-especially now that we have a new set, I'm on the prowl for something to watch all the time. I think when I was a child I was willing to watch the same show, even when there was a commercial or it was boring because otherwise I had to get up and change the channel.

A show I watched religiously, though it wasn't on Sunday, even though I never saw the very first or the very last episode, was Gilligan's Island. One of the things I most enjoy about the cable landscape of programming these days is that so much of that era's programming is still around (sometimes even with the actual spots from the time period).

I must live in a box. I didn't realize until I was looking for the show's theme that there had been a full length movie made long after the TV show had ended. One of the comments under the clip about Ginger (Tina Louise) not being as sexy as the tuber remembered made me smile as people often change but memories of people stay the same.

One of "the rest" from the theme song, Roy Hinkley, played by Russell Johnson, died yesterday at 89. He was The Professor on the show and was the complete personification of resourceful (MacGyver took a few chapters from his book I believe) though I never did understand since he could make just about anything out of the things the castaways found on the island, why he didn't just make a boat so they could leave?

Instead he became Jack before there was Jack. He should locate Harry; if not today, then call him in the morning.
-bill kenny

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