Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Angular Banjos Sound Good to Me

I get up at three in the morning, every morning, not because I want but am compelled to. Having spent most of my life attempting to deny part of my inheritance while also relying on it everyday to make my living, I've learned to shrug off the stunning contradiction of it all and to instead marvel at the illumination that comes when you burn the candle at both ends.

The only day of the week any of this comes back to bite me on the ass is Monday, Monday (can't trust that day; c'mon, you were thinking it too! I'm the bad guy for typing it? You're the enabler, my friend). Rise and shine can be severe and surprising so I cheat on something that I just assume everyone else in the hemisphere has been talking about, HBO's The Newsroom.

I very much enjoyed Deadwood and haven't really been that fond of anything else on HBO, to include The Sopranos, since then but I truly adore The Newsroom. It is Aaron Sorkin at his best since the debut of The West Wing a decade ago, and in many respects carries the conceits of that show farther and more fully along.

The program is filled with people I care about in situations reflective of circumstances I can relate to. Dear CW Network you really should watch this and steal it and amaze the four prepubescent teenies you call your audience now.

I can't sit up to watch it Sunday nights when it airs because I have school in the morning, so to speak, so I tape it even though of course, I don't actually tape it, but DVR it and all that technology absolutely amazes me especially the pause live TV part.

The highlight of my Monday  is coming home so I can watch the Sunday night showing of The Newsroom with the added bonus that I now have the entire (so far) only season in the silver box under the TV in the living room, though I suppose it can also be in one of the other two boxes we have (did I mention that I have little comprehension of how all this marvelosity (marvelousness?) works? You guessed that, did you?).

Anyway if you watched it while it ran, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't get HBO, now you have a reason to subscribe so you can get it. And here's where you can catch up on all the episodes. I'm not telling you this because I'm fueling that petition drive to be Saint Bill of Norwich but rather because I don't want you coming to the house asking to share a comfy chair while we do one other's nails and watch it.
-bill kenny  

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