Thursday, August 16, 2012

SYC or MOTW? Your Call!

Somedays it taxes my poor brain to its simple limits to come up with words with the right letters in the right places and punctuation in the right spaces to fill this patch of ether and wires at all much less with anything reasonable or reasonably appropriate. "Close Enough! is the Next Spot-On" say all of us toiling away here on the Good Ship Tilting At....(put your backs into it!)

No such trouble today-thanks to the most local of my newspapers, the one that ends up on, or near, my front porch far more mornings than it doesn't (you'd have to chack with my wife for an exact count and I suspect she can give you one so quickly and precisely you'll thnk she'd made it up; which is actually my job.).

In its pages is a homegrown story of sorts, actually set in Hartford which, for a country mouse such as I, is The Big City where the sidewalks never sleep and the street lights never blink even on Sunday mornings. I should tell you Hartford isn't the biggest city in Connecticut which doesn't have a large number of cities of any especial size anyway, but it is the capital and for years has called itself The Rising Star of New England, waiting for that to catch on (without success so far).

But I guess, after this one, we'll have to start calling it The Naked City mindful that there are always a million stories there. I don't mean to make light of domestic discord much less, as outlined in the report, of the type and tenor that can result in not only a permanent loss of affection but of the ability to breathe as well. And yet, it's written in just such a manner that I have to wonder about the nerve endings and or christmas ornaments of the apprehendee. 

Of course, because we are a nation of laws, when we so choose, and the presumption and assumption of innocence must always be foremost in our minds, when we're not looking at merchandising and promotional rights, I should have added an "A" for Alleged in today's title as in Alleged Stake Your Claim or Alleged Moron of the Week.

If nothing else, it would keep keep us from confusing "Taken Out" Tiffany with Mr. Norman Voles of Gravesend who, while somewhat older than Ms. Stevens, has an accomplishment vastly different from that of a seven year old daughter. And don't forget about that day trip to Beachy Head-the water is terrific, but brisk, this time of the year.
-bill kenny     

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