Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

I'm hoping tonight the heavens over my head are as clear and cloudless as they have been for most of the week and if you have any interest in stargazing or in observing celestial bodies of any kind, then I hope the same for wherever you are.

On this, the last evening of August, we shall have the second full month of the month, more tradtionally known as a (once in a ) Blue Moon. That article is pretty good stuff-I didn't know we go about two and half years between two full moons a month, did you? Not sure I fully grasp the connection and meaning of the phrase, 'blue moon' but I'm sure the brewery appreciates all the implied endorsements it can get.

Living near/in the sticks part of Connecticut (lots of small towns and more trees than street lights) we don't have a lot of ground illumination to distract and detract from heavenward gazing. Maybe that's the tourism angle we've been searching for? "Come for the Stars, and Stay for the Bars!" Quick, get the Chamber of Commerce on the horn, pronto! Or not as we don't want to be victims of our own success; not that there's a danger of that.

I stumbled across the whole Blue Moon reference while reading about Neil Armstrong, who passed away last week and who was the first person in the history of our species to ever walk on the surface of the moon (let that percolate for a moment in your front lobe) which makes him beyond amazing for all time.

And, yes, I did spare a thought for Mr. Armstrong's famous non-existent neighbor, Mr. Gorsky, and laughed out loud not only marveling at both the elaborate construct of the story but because of the detail and complexity of the deceit in building the myth that surrounds all of that. I would love to know what Durante's Mrs. Calabash would have made of the story and the back-story.

This is the weekend that marks unofficially (yet effectively) the end of the summer of 2012 so all those things you were waiting until summer to do best be done, or gone, my friend. Though fret no more about any of that as tonight we enjoy the light of our harsh mistress, the moon.
-bill kenny

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