Monday, August 6, 2012

Good Works

I spent yesterday getting singed ever so slightly from the sun over McCoy Field in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, home field of the Pawsox, the International league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.

No, member of the Yankee Universe that I am, I haven't defected to Red Sox Nation though I did get the opportunity to watch Dice K, the multi-million RSN dollar acquisition accomplish a brief rehab pitching assignment against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. It was stunningly brief-exactly nine outs.

He left in the top of the fourth with two on and nobody out, trailing four nothing. The Iron Pigs whacked him like a pinata on Cinco De Mayo. That change-up which has mystified American League hitters since his arrival was absolutely no mystery at all for the Lehigh Valley players. I think Josh Beckett should hop on the bus and stop in. Yessirre, buddy, I'd come back to see that.

But that's not why I was there yesterday. I was there at the invitation of our son, Patrick Michael, to enjoy  the game after a pre-game ceremony by the people for whom he now works, Barnum Financial Group, and a gift of one hundred brand new bicycles to youngsters in Pawtucket and surrounding communities who don't have so much as a crummy old bicycle.

When I was his age, I  ran my mouth about saving the planet when we'd have all been better off if I'd saved my breath. Here he is so busy doing he doesn't have the time to mouth empty words.
-bill kenny

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