Friday, August 3, 2012

Master of Disaster

I spent some time last night working on emergency (but with a lower case "e") repairs to the brace I've been wearing on my right ankle since fracturing it in mid-May. I should have been  long since out of it, but fecal material has hit the ventilator and plans have been made and changed. I went in to the hospital last week for an MRI which is Latin for Pretium erit pro hac vestra. Large fun awaits.

As I understood my physician's explanation, we didn't have a lot of choice.The fracture has healed as well as it's going to, but it didn't heal totally and there's a piece of bone almost at a point where it's supposed to go into the foot where it doesn't. She figures she'll go in from the side and in essence snip it off. She assures me I'll be out for that as just typing the first part of the sentence made me wince.

What's making her wince are indicators on the MRI pictures (?) that I've damaged multiple tendons at the junction that's under where the bone that's not healing (fibula/tibula/nebula/spatula) isn't and she has to be prepared to repair them though to what extent is still unclear (to me; she knows exactly what she's doing).

It's the keeping the foot up and weight off it for a couple of weeks part of the post operative that's giving me pause-not SO much pause that I will ignore the recommendation of surgery. Every time I have to pivot and turn on the right foot, I get a reminder of just how useless in a three legged race I would be right now.

It looks like September (ish) for the surgery if I can get a clearance to so do from my cardiologist who is still watching deep vein scans of the arteries in my legs ('Get cable for crying out loud!' I shriek. Does he? Nope, he prefers the classics.) and needs to confirm the twinge above my right calf but behind my knee is my imagination and not an evil twin reflection of the other leg.

I'm not unhappy about not needing that surgery again since I've developed a phobia about south of the border barbering that there's no reason to discuss here. Of course, this means yet another season of Dancing with the Stars will have started without me. I know what you're thinking, "so far, so good."
-bill kenny

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