Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well, That Was Awkward

I've mentioned Michael Moorcock and Behold the Man before in this space. If you don't remember it's probably because you were looking out the window, thinking about baseball and dinosaurs or whatever else you whipper-snappers daydream about these days. That's another reason why I prefer life in a bunker-fewer distractions. But no matter. You can enjoy the story at your leisure and then better appreciate the irony of today's lesson.

The CNN headline was blunt and unadorned: Bigfoot Hoax Ends in Death. Elegant and direct-something Randy Lee Tenley might have appreciated, though when you run across U. S. Route 93 in Flathead County, Montana, dressed in something called a Ghillie Suit, it's hard to imagine how appreciation enters into it.

Contrary to Albert E's belief, and it is a fine one, assuming there is a Deity, S/He is very probably more inclined to be playing dice with us instead of the universe at large. I have this snapshot of God in a '57 two-tone Chevy Bel air with fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror listening to The Mello Kings on the AM radio. Why yes, there is one window in my bunker Why are you asking? Oh. Yeah. Sorry.

Instead of reading all about it the following morning over breakfast at the Rising Sun Bistro and laughing with some friends over coffee and waffles, he was, himself, the story though he was to never read it. I might have learned about it sooner if I hadn't been distracted by something other than a window on the website that linked me to CNN.Between my own interest in all things medical and research on the life and mathematical influence of Jerry Nelson, you can probably guess the story that caused me to unduly dally.

Speaking of numbers and addition by subtraction, Route 93 is what we used to call in the era of road trips a Blue Highway. If you're looking for high speed transcontinental action there's only one thing to be done, take it down to Highway 61.
-bill kenny

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