Thursday, August 23, 2012

Puttin' an Achin' on Akin

No! Wait! It's not what you think. Today's epistle is NOT a sophomoric attempt to make some cheap laugh hay off the growing mound of political problems of Representative Todd "Mighty Mouth" Akin (Republican-at-least-right-now-Missouri).

These are complex and complicated times in which we live wherein the quality of mercy is not str--WHAT?!? You're right. This is VERY MUCH a sophomoric attempt to mock an imbecile who wants to trade in his status as best kept secret in the 2nd district of Missouri for a promotion to "they elected a living brain donor to be a senator?!" A six-year long punch line, just what we and the people of Missouri needed, though it looks like those good people will get to decide that question for themselves.

Found this on line yesterday and it reads goofy enough to me to be just as likely a spoof as troof (didn't quite pull that off in the manner I'd hoped, sorry. And my two front teeth so I can wish you a number of things that time and space do not permit here). I suspect if you're attempting to practice your newly-acquired "look before you leap and trip over your own lips' skill, this is just the type of story you wait out by hunkering down in your bunker, keeping the lights off and hoping your rapid, shallow breathing doesn't attract any more attention than you can stand.

I'd suggest he think about pursuing federal funding for further study of spontaneous generation but that act might lead to spontaneous applause in the wake of his spontaneous combustion. That's when the blackness would hit me and the void would be calling.
-bill kenny

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