Sunday, August 12, 2012

Red or White?

Remember the Occupy Wall Street people? A little. Yeah, something to do with need versus greed, or was it inside and outside, us versus them and We are the 99%. Actually it was all those and a lot more and I was fascinated by the hate notes my scribblings about OWS produced whenever I mentioned the movement at all. I traveled to Zuccotti (nee Liberty) Park when the dead serious camp-out was going on and provoked a lot of howling when I wrote about that day-trip for a local daily here in little old New England.

I continue to hear from a steady stream of well never mind the epithets who go apoplectic when they look hard at the ballerina on the bull image (not sure what you thought it was but it's been there awhile) and yet don't have anything to say as the robber barons, sorry, the job creators, pull their pants down around their ankles, burn the mortgages to their homes and pillage this country.

And now one of the two major political parties has gotten themselves Gordon Gecko's Dream Team as their Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates. Fine line between dream and scream, and that's  all I have to say about that.

I have more than a little first-hand experience with a lot of fiduciary obfuscation and all that jazz and now that I have skin in the game I'm not so sure I don't have a moral dilemma with a company CEO making fifty times what his employees make, especially if he's engineered an off-shore deal to someplace where four dollars a day is a king's ransom (the best economic argument for democracy to come down the 'pike in quite a while, btw).

And then there's this at the tail end of last week reminding me of that remark oft-attributed to Richard Pryor about "you go downtown looking for justice and that's what you find, just us." In recent years, it's always trumped by Jay and Zelda, "the rich are not like you and me." And if we pull certain levers and blacken just the right ovals on the first Tuesday in November, all of our troubles will be over. Forever and beyond. You might want to grab an extra napkin depending on who's on the menu.  
-bill kenny

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