Thursday, October 17, 2013

All Hat, No Cattle

For a number of years, a friend of mine originally from Dallas used to joke about the similarities between "Texas" and "taxes." In the last couple of years he has become more of an acquaintance as where we each are, vis a vis the center line of politics, has varied more than just slightly as our world has kept turning.

I'll concede some of the low regard bordering on contempt I've felt for the Party of Lincoln as represented in the lower chamber of Congress in the last three or so weeks has been colored by how, as I see it, their machinations put me and 800,000 other federal colleagues on the street without paychecks so that an empty-headed prattler like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas could have a better view of Moot Point.

If you live in Texas, you have my sympathy and an offer to loan you a few cardboard boxes because you really need to move. In addition to Cruz, you also have Senator John Cornyn about whom the nicest thing I can think of saying about him is that he's not Cruz.

I've been to Texas and it's a terrific place (what I saw of it which included San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Austin) with mighty nice folks of all shapes, sizes and colors who deserve more than a Rick Perry as Governor at least in my opinion. Love the glasses by the way-looking smart is a lot easier than actually getting smart.

I'm sure in a couple or three years I'll calm down and take a longer view of the junior Senator from the Lone Star State (and it would be sped up if he'd agree to leave now and walk East until (cowboy) his hat floats but, to borrow from another Texan much earlier in my life, the athletic director at the prep school in West Orange I graduated from a very long time ago, 'if they put his brain in a mosquito's ass, it'd roll around and make a noise like a bee-bee in a box car.'

Putting the din back in you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.
-bill kenny

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