Saturday, October 19, 2013

Waiting on a Tee Time

As a Yankees fan, this is hard to type....the American League Championship Series has been awesome (except for the announcers). Wow. Just spectacular games as Detroit and Boston have at it.

We have tiger cubs, of sorts, here in Norwich as the Connecticut Tigers of the New York Penn Short Season A League play at Senator Dodd Stadium and Red Sox Nation is less than ninety minutes north on I-95. In a way, my loyalties such as they are, are divided.

You can't root for the kids down on the farm and then NOT root for 'em when they get to the show on the one hand especially when they have a meatloaf cupcake and on the other, the Red Sox are an honorable if ancient foe of my Yankees since the time of the Flood, or nearly, so even if too many of them look like stunt doubles from Duck Dynasty you have to applaud how they've bounced back from last season.

How terrible a Yankees fan am I to root for a seventh game? Let's face it, the first five have been tremendous. Why not push through a quick rule change and make it a best of thirty-seven or something. Remember, when the ALCS and NLCS finish up this weekend all that's between us and the winter of our discontent is the World Series.
-bill kenny

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