Friday, October 4, 2013

Everybody Knows How to Raise Children

I'm wondering if we're not the best humans we can be when we first arrive as opposed to in the here and now (in my case at nearly 61.5 years of hanging around the water cooler).

I have no idea if there's any government money for a study (actually at this moment I know there's NO government money of any kind, but that's a rant for another day) but I got to thinking about this reverse smart-stuff again a bit ago after I fell across an amazing article in the Huffington Post.

Amazing article and Huffington Post is not a turn of phrase I use lightly or often, so this is quite impressive stuff. I was and have always been mostly neutral on the HufPo (her accent is baked as far as I'm concerned) until they, and their corporate masters at AOL, did a truly stupid thing to someone I know here in my end of the ant farm and now I usually think they suck a lot. Except for this on "18 Things Children Can Teach Us About Happiness."

How are you coming on getting the backing off that Band-aid anyway? Look at that Owie, will ya? Maybe I'm a gonna amputation or something. Don't you have anything besides Powder Puff Girls?
-bill kenny

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