Friday, October 18, 2013

Babble On, Sister

The things you can't hear when you haven't got your shotgun microphone. In the rush to a place very similar to where we were during August, the House of Representatives decided to adopt the "Senate Budget Compromise" that had started out as theirs until the looners showed up, this seems to be no more than just another road side attraction.

But it's not. Since there are now as many media channels as there are people to watch, or in this case, listen to them, check out Dianne Reidy's Rap(ture) here. I especially like the homage to MC Hammer she gets off at the sixteen second mark-not sure it offsets the "speaks truth to power" character generation that starts the clip. She would have sold it better if she'd a pair of gold genie pants.

Meanwhile back at the clip, about a half minute into it are words to the effect that "had it been, it would not have been" whose logic is as tortured as it is irrefutable so I'm thinking she and Ted Cruz share a library card. I suspect because she seems to be taller, she can reach the poly-syllabic books on the next shelf in the Library of Congress leaving Ted with Green Eggs and Ham all over his face.

Do you think Senator Cruz knows before he was elected to the US Senate that President Obama had (also) taken a crack at reading it aloud? Aside from Mrs. Obama being underwhelmed at his effort, rumor has it that the reading was listed as a significant achievement of his first term, using the same criteria, perhaps, that defines the Affordable Care Act as significant health care reform.

The distinction between the real and the surreal grows finer in moments of stress. Let's face it, there was certainly enough of that in Dodge City Wednesday night and we could've used Perry Mason or his cousin, Free. Of course, I'm not sure what to expect from an uploader who calls him/her self WorldStarScarface. I'm looking forward to drinking that kirschwasser; it's the pause that truly refreshes.
-bill kenny

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