Sunday, October 20, 2013

You Want Fries with that Subsistence Wage

If you're planning on heading towards a fast-food joint to grab some breakfast on the way home from church today (nothing seems to complement a Eucharist wafer like a hash brown), something I fell over during the week about the actual cost of McWages (to all of us) might be cause for pause.

In the course of the last year and a half or so I've made my own discoveries about Fast Food Inc., to include how much cheaper to purchase empty calories, the super size jumbo-mambo foods and drinks, are instead of buying  the occasional and rarely-sighted healthy salad or bottle of plain water.

But in light of the Affordable Care Act and Papa John mumbling about cutting back the hours of his wage slaves so as to avoid responsibility for having full-time employee health benefits, I find myself wondering why we are so quick and so glib to do one another in when it comes to employment with dignity and, perhaps more importantly, with living wages and transportable benefits.

If the article I mentioned had too many words (someone dropped me a line the other day about something I cited and that was his complaint. Suck it up Senator Cruz! The Cat in the Hat is a classic even if you're not.), try this eye chart on for size.

Later feel free to let me know how that breakfast burrito tasted.
-bill kenny

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