Saturday, October 12, 2013

Getting Frantic in Yantic

In another lifetime, someplace I worked (when I used to work) had a special promotion all month long to support listeners called Rocktober. I doubt that it was anywhere near as original as we pretended to one another it was. We were all pretty young, okay Muni wasn't, and we can be forgiven for a youthful indiscretion and for our enthusiasm, right?

I still rock-quite frankly better than the pallid imitation of a station from another lifetime but I've learned a new prefix, W-A-L-K as in Walktober which is what we in the know and on the go during the show from Kokomo (MAKE ME STOP!) thank you, call October throughout the towns and cities of The Last Green Valley.

For purposes of this discussion, pretend I am holding up a map of Eastern Connecticut-are you doing that?- and let's say where my thumb is, is where Norwich is located. It makes no difference if I'm wearing gloves unless I'm wearing a baseball glove. Believe me, I've booted a few.

Today at eleven, amigo, we ride or technically we walk as we spend an hour or so in the remarkably well-preserved and terrifically historical Yantic Cemetery on Lafayette Street, literally down the street from my house (not that this is mentioned in the brochure anywhere which is probably not a bad thing). Look at it this way.

Way cool, eh? On Sunday, I'm the leader for a Jaunt Along the Heritage Walkway (the link is for the second showing later this month which will be completely different from the 3 PM Sunday show, believe me!). In the interests of quelling any unrest before it gets started if I may offer three words of advice, from  me to you: Bring your passport.

Monday is a holiday and as near as I can determine I still don't have a job to go to on Tuesday so dress warmly my friends, and stay thirsty.
-bill kenny

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