Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ultimate Test of Cerebral Fitness

Last week, this Coast was abuzz with reports of an assault by a 'motorcycle gang' (= three or more cyclists in the same zip code at the same time) and the aggravated assault on a motorist in front of his wife and daughter. There will be a lot more about this story and I fear very little of it will be good.

Meanwhile, on the other Coast, we're beyond choosing a hand containing a piece and when I say piece I don't mean weapon, or maybe I do. In what might seem like a counter gambit to the Sicilian Defense, proving while not everything in this life, or the next, is black and white, the best defense remains a good offense.

Unless you're Tony Bennett or a policeman who's left his (or her) heart and other anatomical accoutrements in San Francisco. Then you have yourself some renegades and maybe a crime spree. Or maybe nothing more than a variant of the Siberian Trap in the Smith-Morra Gambit against the Sicilian Defense.

It remains a puzzlement to me as to the identity of the bald-headed guy.
-bill kenny

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